forward-thinking leadership

and fiscal responsibility

​​Strong, proven, and principled leadership are essential. Gary is a veteran leader who has been recognized for implementing systems of change in a variety of school, countywide, and statewide settings from preschool through university.  Gary advocates a facilitative style of leadership that is grounded in the principles of design thinking, collaboration, and servant leadership. Gary has a track record of fiscal responsibility and making smart investments in programs that matter for students.

Gary holds a number of advanced degrees, including a doctorate in Educational Leadership.  He has been recognized for his leadership as the recipient of the California County Superintendents’ Association 2018 STAR Award and the UNC Center for School Leadership Development’s Jack McCall Award.

Gary has a track-record of innovative, forward-thinking leadership and fiscal responsibility by:

  • Serving as Second-in-Command (Deputy Superintendent) of the San Mateo County Office of Education
  • Providing instructional leadership at the state level as Chair of California’s statewide Curriculum & Instruction Steering Committee
  • Leading the Instructional Services Division
  • Serving as an Adjunct Assistant Professor in graduate educational leadership programs
  • Implementing innovative programs in San Mateo County, such as the STEM Center, the Center for Learning Analytics, expanded access to quality preschool, and countywide programs in environmental education/sustainability and the arts
  • Leading with fiscal responsibility and making smart investments in programs that matter
  • Developing a variety of philanthropic partnerships and service delivery models that expand services to schools and districts in a budget neutral manner
  • Designing innovative initiatives using design thinking and facilitative leadership, including in the areas of environmental education and sustainability

Gary is prepared to lead with fiscal responsibility and forward-thinking vision by:

  • Convening a broad spectrum of the community to map a blueprint for education in San Mateo County
  • Responsibly overseeing district budgets and supporting smart investments that impact students (AB1200 responsibility of County Superintendents)
  • Forging collaborative relationships with community leadership and partners to leverage economies of scale and explore the cost benefits of shared services
  • Continuing to build the County Office leadership team capacity to lead with innovation, integrity, and vision
  • Exploring shared services to leverage economies of scale in basic school operations
  • Advocating for additional resources for schools and districts (California is 46th in the nation in per pupil spending)
  • Providing leadership by making smart investments that matter for students and families in San Mateo County