San Mateo County is the birthplace of innovation and technology that will define the 21st century.  We owe it to our children to provide world class schools that prepare them to thrive not only in the world today, but also for a world that we can’t yet imagine.

San Mateo County has the imagination and ingenuity to create bold new solutions that tap into that innovation and reinforce our commitment to kids in this unique and diverse county.  Designing new solutions to old problems that serve every child is the San Mateo County way – and is our moonshot.  And we will build new solutions that serve as a model for California and beyond. 

Based on his extensive training in leadership and deep experience as a Principal, county and statewide leader committed to innovation and 21st century solutions, Dr. Gary Waddell has led the charge by:

  • Launching innovative initiatives at the County Office of Education such as the San Mateo County Office of Education’s STEM Center and Center for Learning Analytics
  • Completing the UNC “Principals as Technology Leaders” program and implementing innovative instructional approaches in a variety of schools where he served as Principal
  • Leading design processes that are currently underway to build out countywide offerings in Environmental Education/Sustainability, Arts education, and a number of other areas
  • Forging a variety of partnerships and relationships with corporate partners in the tech sector to design innovative approaches that expand innovation and equitable outcomes for children and youth

As County Superintendent, Gary will provide bold leadership in innovation by:

  • Expanding opportunities in San Mateo County in computer science/engineering
  • Doubling down on San Mateo County’s commitment and offerings of hands-on “Maker’s Education”
  • Creating a cross-disciplinary team of educators and leaders from the tech sector to build out collaborative and innovative approaches
  • Exploring internship and mentoring opportunities for San Mateo students in technology fields
  • Forging relationships with innovation and technology partners in Silicon Valley to create spaces for deeper partnerships and conversations around new solutions for our kids



Innovation: 21st century schools for 21st century KIDS